Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy along with the Rules and Regulations present how the Service uses the information that it collects online, by phone, by e-mail and through the received correspondence.

The Privacy Policy specifically defines:

  1. what information the Service is allowed to collect from the Users,
  2. where the information collected by the Service are stored,
  3. in what manner the Service is allowed to use the information about the Users that it collects,
  4. to whom the Service is allowed to provide the collected information,
  5. cookies policy

Smart Solutions sp z o.o, działający pod firmą Smart Solutions, z siedzibą w Krakowie, Plac Wolnica 4/2 31-060 Kraków, zarejestrowany w Rejestrze Przedsiębiorców, prowadzonym przez Sąd Rejonowy dla Krakowa Sródmieścia w Krakowie, XI Wydział Gospodarczy KRS, pod numerem KRS 0000532972, o nr NIP 676-248-25-03 i kapitale zakładowym 5000 PLN (opłaconym w całości) is the CONTROLLER OF THE PERSONAL DATA of the Users

§1. What information is the service allowed to collect from the users?

The Users disclose their personal data voluntarily.

The Service may collect:

  • information entered in the forms on the Service's website. It may include data entered prior to the opening of the User's Account, after its opening, data entered in the process of booking a service or performance of the purchased services. Such data specifically include: first name, surname, address, contact data (e-mail, telephone, fax number) and data relating to the conducted business such as: the business name, address of the registered office, tax identification number (NIP), statistical identification number (Regon) and relevant register number,
  • information received through correspondence,
  • information collected in surveys, questionnaires – their completion, however, is not obligatory,
  • information about the User's transactions,
  • information about the manner of use of the website, i.e. type of device, IP of the User's device, data concerning the operating system and the browser used,

in order to improve the quality of the Service's services.

§2. Where is the information collected by the service stored

The collected data are stored at the registered office of the Personal Data Controller and may be transferred, stored and processed in Poland and in a third country. All the collected information is stored on secured servers and all the payments are coded using the SSL protocol.

§3. In what manner is the service allowed to use the information about the users that it collects?

The Administrator may use the collected information in particular in order to:

  • present the content of the Service in the manner that is the most appropriate for the User,
  • enable the Users to use the Service and to enter into, perform and settle the services purchased via the Service,
  • enforce the provisions of the Rules and Regulations,
  • maintain day-to-day contact with the Users to inform them of any changes,
  • personalise the services offered,
  • obtain statistical information about his Users through the analysis of IP addresses and cookies,
  • present forms of advertisement adjusted to the greatest extent possible to fit the profile of the Users,
  • provide information about his services (Newsletters)

§4. To whom is the service allowed to provide the collected information?

In order to ensure proper performance of the services, the Administrator may, on the basis of the signed agreements, provide data to external entities, in particular:

  • the Offerors and in the event of choosing a service of the Offeror whose registered office or place of residence is in a third country - also to Offerors from a third country,
  • entrepreneurs settling internal payments for it, if it does not carry out settlements on its own,
  • entrepreneurs carrying out marketing activities on its behalf,
  • entrepreneurs providing accounting, legal and other services for it,

to which the User hereby grants his/her consent.

Entities providing services to the Service may not in any case use the obtained data for their own business purposes.

§5. How long does the service store data concerning its users?

The Service stores data concerning its Users not longer than absolutely necessary for the purpose of processing the data and for the fulfilment of statutory requirements, especially fiscal ones.

§6. Cookies

The Service uses cookies. Those files are recorded by the server on the computer of a person visiting the Service sites; the User may limit or disable the access of cookies to his/her computer. If that option is used, navigation around the Service sites may be partly or completely impossible. The Service uses cookies to properly perform the agreement entered into with the User and to better adjust the provided services to meet the User's needs.

Cookies may also be used for the presentation of forms of advertisement.

Types of Cookies:

  • systemic – they are necessary for the functioning of the page e.g. to log onto the secured parts of the Service,
  • analytical – they are used to analyse the number of visitors to the Service and the manner of their movements on the Service. Owing to them, we are able to improve the operation of the Service,
  • functional – they are used to personalise the site by remembering the User's preferences.
  • external cookies (map, youtube, etc.)

Third parties’ cookies may be used in the advertisements placed on the Service sites in order to enable the analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

§7. Right of access to data

  1. The User has the right to:

    1. access, supplement, update, rectify and correct his/her personal data,
    2. temporarily or permanently stop the processing of, or remove, his/her personal data, if those data are incomplete, outdated or untrue, or if they were collected in violation of the law, or if they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, and
    3. lodge an objection in cases where the processing is not necessary in order to achieve legitimate purposes of controllers or recipients of data and in the event that the processing violates the rights and freedoms of the data subject.
    4. object to the processing of the data, if the data controller intends to process the data for marketing purposes, or object to the transfer of the personal data to another data controller,
  2. The User may make any changes with respect to his/her personal data via (the User's Account). The data controller reserves the right to refuse to remove the User's data if their maintenance is necessary for the processing of claims or if this is required by the applicable laws. The Service may leave the person's first and middle name and surname, and his/her PESEL number or address in the filing system in order to avoid reusing the person's data for the purposes against which he/she objects.